Crossing a Bridge With Our New President!

Proud Flag of the United States of America

Proud Flag of the United States of America

I’ve stayed away from the politics of this election, or at least I’ve done so in the public eye. Last evening I was planning on going to bed at my normal time. I figured that I read all about the election outcomes in the morning newspaper. That didn’t happen. I ended not going to bed until about 1am.

Yes, it was not only a historic election, but very exciting as well. It was historic on many levels because no matter who won, it would be a first for this nation. It was obviously a mandate by the electorate that ‘Change’ is needed and so sorely wanted. Change was the theme of the Obama campaign and was obviously adopted by the McCain camp as well.

Yes, America is finally moving forward. We’ve elected a man of color; we’ve elected an Afro-American to be our President and leader in the free world. We are finally transcending racism, at least on some level. The exit poll numbers still bother me in that only 43% of Caucasians voted for Obama. I doubt if the other 57% are all Republicans. This shows that we still have so very far to go.

There will always be racism and bigotry on some level, but we’ve finally given credence to a class of people that were unfortunately considered second-class citizens because of such.

What got me about last night, were the speeches of both candidates. John McCain showed himself to be a mensch in all respects of the word. I may not have liked his policies, but must admit that I gained a great deal of respect for this man. His speech was what this country needed. He urged us to work together.

hand shake

hand shake

President-elect Barack Obama, not only being very intelligent, gave a wonderful and inspiring speech as well. But what struck me while listening to it, and I kept on thinking this in the back of my mind, was how much he sounded like John F. Kennedy. I guess that I wasn’t alone in that Tom Brokaw later mentioned this as well. This is a very unique man that we elected to the White House and I’m so very proud of this nation in which we live.

I think that we’ll see the level of Patriotism rise within our country and I look forward to that. We have a country ill at ease with a lame duck President sporting the lowest approval ratings in modern history. Yes, Change is needed and welcome.

But let’s not forget we have a long way to go. Change will not happen in a day, week, month or year. There is too much to do before we can even possibly see change, but I do believe that it will come. And it will come in a form that we can all feel comfortable with.

The celebrations that were being played out all over the country last evening were phenomenal. I can’t imagine what Washington, DC will look on January 20, 2009 when Barack Obama takes the oath of office for the Presidency of the United States. I’m fairly sure that we will see crowds like we’ve not seen before. Yes, this is an exciting time.

G-d Bless America!!

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