Campaign Contributions – Who’s in Whose Pocket?

As was alluded to in a past post, I’d wanted to tackle this issue. We elect our legislators to work in our best interest. Yet, most of us would not think to look and see who’s financing their campaign. I think that the majority of us would like to think that in most cases ‘we the people’ are of paramount importance.

Didn’t our votes put you into office, Mr./Ms. Politician? Oh, that’s right your campaign is being funded by PAC’s (Political Action Committees), special interests, lobbyists, etc. Foolish us!

With that said, I came across an excellent website, It’s one of the best sites that I’ve seen. You can search by individuals, Congressional Committees, Congressional elections, Presidential election, even by Lobbyists and PAC’s and see who they are contributing too.

Their Mission Statement is to Inform, Empower & Advocate –

  • Inform citizens about how money in politics affects their lives
  • Empower voters and activists by providing unbiased information
  • Advocate for a transparent and responsive government

So, instead of giving you facts and figures, check out their site. It’s definitely interesting and worth the time.

See you next time at Marc’s Corner.

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