Blight – Or Do As I Say and Not As I Do?

Campaign Election Signs vs. Open House Signs


Yes, this is somewhat of a rant. OK, I take that back, it is a rant – not somewhat! It appears that everywhere you turn there are political campaign signs popping up all over the place. These are a blight on our landscape. My senses are assaulted and I am forced to look at these everywhere I turn through election day.


As if that’s not bad enough, now you’re getting all of those pre-recorded messages telling you how great the politician is; what they’ve done; and, of course, the vote for me crap. Don’t you just love it! Yeah, I’m sure as much as a stick in the eye.


Many of the local municipalities here have cracked down majorly on roadside signage, especially for those of Open Houses. We have many that actually go around on the weekend and will pull Open House signs while you are trying to do one and then we wonder why no one or so few showed. Yet, our roadsides are littered with campaign signage. Why? Because our politicians, legislators, lawmakers, whatever you wish to call them preclude these from the laws. I guess that they feel this is there inalienable right. They must be better than you and me. Remember, they are serving the public’s interest – or are they really? It’s not like they don’t have enough privileges.


Yet, our signs get picked up and tossed away. There is one municipality that is at least working with us and is allowing us to put our Open House signage out from Friday through Sunday. It is only hoped that others will follow suit. Our local Realtor® Board has sent proposals to many cities, but with very little response. Yet, when election time comes around guess whose support they want?


I think the Do Not Call list is great. I detest getting these unwanted sales calls and do in fact file complaints on the DNC website at But again, our politicians thought they should be precluded from this. As a Realtor®, I can’t make calls to expired listings or FSBO’s without having a customer that is interested in their property. I can’t play the old game of Dialing for Dollars.


Yet, our trusted politicians thought well of themselves so much so that they excluded themselves from any Do Not Call rules and regulations. I guess that they felt that their campaigning is a public service that will only enhance my life. Not that it may be an intrusion of sorts at all.


It must be great to be a politician, because it appears that we continually find in all types of legislation, items that either are beneficial to them and/or their campaign contributors. It appears that even though we’ve elected them, we’ve become second class citizens. I resent that fact! How dare they? I don’t know how we get around this except for possibly keeping a more watchful eye on our politicians and when they stray, simply vote someone else into office. We really do need to send a message.


See you next time at Marc’s Corner!

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