Addictions & Amy Winehouse R.I.P.

It’s sad some of the things that I’m reading people say about Amy Winehouse.  It’s so easy for us to judge others, but until you’ve walked in their shoes, then….

She was an addict!  Her addictions included drugs and alcohol.  Many people with addictions tend to be running away or hiding from something. In many cases the drug takes over and all too often after so much heavy use, the person does not feel ‘normal’ unless they are high.

There are addicts out there that do see this and what they’ve done to themselves and those around them.  They want better for themselves and have the will power to change and forego the drugs, etc.  This is not an easy road.

You can physically make someone go to rehab, but if it wasn’t their idea and choice, then it’s probably for naught!  They will most likely get very little out of it & just return the streets doing the same thing they were doing before if not moreso.  An addict has to come to the crossroads that they not only want but need help!

Once there, then they can start on the road to recovery.

As always….Marc It Sold!…

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